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At Ohio Valley Lightning Protection, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our company. We are specialists in Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural and Government lightning protection and grounding systems. We are also a full service Lightning Protection installer and designer. We offer a wide range of materials and parts for lightning protection, grounding and surge protection:


Copper and Aluminum Cable Conductors
Lightning Rods
Lightning Rod Parts
Lightning Rod Balls
Air Terminals
Lightning Rod Bases/Air Terminal Bases
Grounding Rods
Ground Plates
Grounding & Bonding
Aircraft Grounding
Cadweld Exothermic Welding
Connectors and Fittings
Industrial Stack Equipment
Thru Roof Equipment
Surge & Transient Protection
Surge Suppression
Surge Arrestors
Residential Surge Protection
Commercial Surge Protection
Test Wells
Grounding Test Wells

Purchasing your lightning rod parts and materials from us gives you full access to our trained staff to answer any of your questions while installing your lightning protection system.

Please see our Materials Page for a complete list of lightning rod parts.
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Our services include Installation of Lightning Protection, Grounding Systems, Surge Protection and parts/ material sales. All lightning rod parts and installations exceed specifications of the Underwriters Laboratories, Lightning Protection Institute and National Fire Protection Association. We are LPI Certified and UL Listed to meet all of your specific Lightning Protection needs. Our service area includes all of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia and Michigan. Our lightning rod parts/material are sold world wide.

Q. How does a certified lightning protection system work?

A. A lightning protection system provides a designated path for the lightning current to travel. The system neither attracts nor repels a lightning strike, but simply intercepts and guides the current harmlessly to ground. A lightning protection system is made up of several components.

Air Terminals: (a.k.a. lightning rods): Inconspicuous slender rods installed on the roof at regular intervals as defined by industry standards. Conductors: Aluminum or copper cables that interconnect the air terminals and the other system components.

Ground Terminations: Metal rods driven into the earth to guide the lightning current harmlessly to ground.

Surge Arrestors, and Suppressors: Devices that are installed in conjunction with a lightning protection system to protect electrical wiring and electronic systems and equipment.

Facts you need to know.

Packs between 35,000 to 40,000 amperes of current.
Can generate temperatures as high as 50,000 degrees Celsius.
Falls somewhere on the earth every second.
Travels as far as 40 miles.
Kills nearly 100 people each year in the U.S. and injures hundreds of others.
Can, and does strike the same place twice.
Causes billions of dollars in property damage each year, many times resulting in fire and total property loss.

Did you know that the Empire State Building gets struck by lightning at least 500 times per year? The building HAS lightning protection!

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